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4. 9. 2023,

Ministerial visit to the LAT Nitrogen plant in Ottmarsheim

This visit is part of the action taken by the French government following the signing of a decree to launch a support mechanism for the production of low-carbon hydrogen. Whole article

11. 8. 2023, AGROFERT, a.s.

AGROFERT did well last year. We achieved record profits

245 billion Czech crowns. This is exactly the value of the goods, products and services that AGROFERT delivered to its customers in 2022. Compared to the previous year, its sales increased by 33%. Whole article

5. 7. 2023, AGROFERT, a.s.

Borealis completes the sale of its nitrogen business to AGROFERT

In June 2022, Borealis AG received a binding offer from AGROFERT, a.s.Whole article

14. 6. 2023, GreenChem SK, s. r. o.

GreenChem Celebrating 20 Years of Success

Over the past 2 decades, we have experienced ups and downs, but more than ever we are sure-footed and growing steadily. We have achieved significant milestones and expanded our presence in new markets. Whole article

18. 4. 2023,

The AGROFERT Foundation gives from the heart

We know that money really does come first sometimes, so our companies and individual employees regularly donate to the AGROFERT Foundation. The funds are then sent to those who need them. Whole article

4. 4. 2023,

AGROFERT is part of a global commitment

The Green Deal is a plan to ensure sustainability in farming within the European Union. Our expert groups develop ways of contributing to this commitment.Whole article

15. 3. 2023,

We're pioneers in agricultural ecology

We established our first ecological farm in 2011. Elements of precision agriculture are common practice for us. Whole article

22. 2. 2023,

Our machines help in local communities

We pride ourselves on supporting the locations we do business in.Whole article

5. 2. 2023,

Responsibility to our planet comes back to us in our products

Without fertile soil, sufficient clean water, and a healthy environment, we couldn't grow crops in fields, raise livestock in stables, or produce food. Whole article

2. 6. 2022, AGROFERT, a.s.

Borealis received a binding offer from AGROFERT for the acquisition of Borealis’ nitrogen business

Borealis, one of the world’s leading providers of advanced and circular polyolefin solutions and a European market leader in base chemicals, fertilizers and the mechanical recycling of plastics, has received a binding offer from AGROFERT, a.s.Whole article