Code of Ethics

Agrofert Code of Conduct defines the rules of ethical behavior and basic standards of Compliance Program at AGROFERT Group since 2011.

Code of Conduct sets basic requirements for ethical behavior and principles of corporate culture in different areas:

  • Behavior in accordance with legal and internal regulations and ethical rules
  • Responsibility for the public image of the AGROFERT Group
  • Mutual respect, honesty and integrity
  • Leadership, responsibility and supervision by managers
  • Quality and health safety of products, environment, occupational safety
  • Business conduct, protection of competition and fair trade principles
  • Business courtesy, anti-corruption behavior and dealing with the public sector
  • Rules governing procurement and business negotiations
  • Donations provided by the company
  • Conflict of interests and secondary activities
  • Handling of information (financial statements and controls, personal data protection, trade secret)


Anonymous ethical line Tell Us

Any AGROFERT employee as well as other entity (business partner, customer, the public etc.) may submit a complaint or point out the circumstances from which it may be inferred that there has been a breach of ethical rules.

One of the instruments for resolving possible violations of the rules of ethical conduct is the anonymous Ethics Line Tell Us, to which every employee and other entities can communicate their possible findings or suspicions of unethical behavior in the AGROFERT Group.

Every complaint shall be investigated in detail and corrective measures shall be taken where necessary.

All documentation related to the investigation shall be considered confidential.

Retaliatory measures, in any form, against the person who submitted a complaint shall not be allowed or tolerated.