Agriculture and primary production

103 000
farmed hectares
5 200
265 MN.
annual egg production
840 000
tons of feed production

Agriculture and primary production at the AGROFERT Group

The agricultural section of the AGROFERT Group comprises network of companies for supply & purchase in agriculture, furthermore companies producing seeds, feed and also companies focused on crop and livestock primary production.

Thanks to our own experience with our field maintenance and farming, we are able to offer our customers-farmers better service and satisfy better their needs. In addition to the sale and purchase of commodities and other inputs and outputs of agriculture, we also offer storage capacities, transport service, technical and also technological service.

Primary production at the AGROFERT Group holds a singleton in the world, which is traceability of raw materials throughout the production chain. We can trace all inputs and raw materials for 100%, because our production begins in the field and ends as food products available in stores. Unique system "from farm to fork" in bakery, dairying and meat processing is one of the greatest competitive advantages of the AGROFERT Group. This business model is complemented by non-food use of agricultural production in "from seed to biofuels" system, which among others contribute to our approach in environmental tasks.