Renewable resources and fuels

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480 000
tons of processed rapeseed p.a.
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Renewable resources and fuels at the AGROFERT Group

Several companies of the AGROFERT Group are producers of biofuels and other renewable energy sources. Our products are well known for their top quality, which is btw. reason for very good sales results of our biofuels and renewable energy sources on foreign markets.

Our business in renewable resources at the group AGROFERT Group is complementary to our other activities, especially in agriculture and primary production or in forestry and timbering. The AGROFERT Group offers a comprehensive portfolio of European recognized bioliquids (RME and bioethanol) as a substitute for fossil motor fuels. We produce biofuels at our three plants and we are the largest producer of biofuels in the Czech Republic. Our bioliquids are due to their premium quality successfully exported to foreign markets.

We are active also in storekeeping and trading with fuels, especially in the region of Western Bohemia.

The AGROFERT Group is also active in production of solid biomass, in particular pellets and granules of grown biomass, of agricultural residues or dendro biomass. We are also producers of biogas, which is used as an energy source for cogeneration units, which produce electricity and heat for end customers