Agrobech, s.r.o.

The company Agrobech, s.r.o., was established in 2013 as the successor organization of the Farming co-op ´Podřipsko´ Bechlín. The company is farming on roughly 945 acres of land. On total of 926 hectares of arable land Agrobech is planting winter rape, winter wheat, winter rye, spring barley and grain maize. The remaining land is used for other purposes. At present, the company employs 4 staff.



Commodities of plant origin

, Grains , Oilseeds

Present on markets of:

  • Czech Republic


Agrobech, s.r.o.

Bechlín 288, 411 86 Bechlín, Czech Republic
Company registration number: 120502
Data box: mkhcxw2

Email address:
Phone: +420602366256