AGRO Jinín a.s.

Farm co-op AGRO Jinín is a subsidiary of the ZZN Pelhřimov. The main activity of this farm co-op is a classic agricultural production. Specifically, the company is focused on crop production oilseed rape and wheat. In the area of livestock production farm co-op AGRO Jinín focuses on cattle breeding.
Farm co-op AGRO Jinín is farming on the land area of 750 hectares, which is located in Strakonice region (southern Bohemia).


Commodities of animal origin

, Beef cattle

Crop production

, Forage crops , Grains , Oilseeds , Permanent grasslands

Present on markets of:

  • Czech Republic


AGRO Jinín a.s.

Nebřehovická 522, Přední Ptákovice, 38601 Strakonice, Czech Republic
Company registration number: 48245933
Data box: 25wcwjv

Email address:
Phone: +420383389227