Centrální laboratoř, s.r.o.

The company Centrální laboratoř, s.r.o. carries out chemical and microbiological tests since 2002. In 2006 it was accredited by the Czech Institute for Accreditation under the number 1481. It is authorized laboratories of ÚSKVBL Brno for control of medicated feeds.


Feedstuffs and feed components

, Complete feed mixture


, Agricultural application research , Expert consulting , Laboratory services

Present on markets of:

  • Czech Republic


Centrální laboratoř, s.r.o.

Čekanice 207, 39002 Tábor, Czech Republic
Company registration number: 28137043
Data box: tsa2fwr

Email address: karel.rezek@afeed.cz
Phone: +420383836180
Webpage: www.clcekanice.cz