AFEED, a.s.

The company AFEED, a.s., was established in March 2007 in Slovak Republic with the aim to provide professional consultancy & trading service for livestock producers within the AGROFERT Group. In the farming and livestock nutrition the company AFEED, a.s., acted as an expert and creator of innovative practices. AFEED was active also as a trader, using its own production capacities. The company had a portfolio of products thru the whole feed production of the AGROFERT Group. Soon after its establishment, AFEED, a.s., has become an important feed producer and supplier of feed premixes and mineral feeding ingredients for Slovak and Czech customers.

The Czech company AFEED, a.s., begun its business activity on 1 January 2011 by split-off all of the feed-production activities from the company NAVOS, a.s, in Moravia region. And after that the same happened in case of companies CEREA a.s. and ZZN Havlickuv Brod, a.s., for the region of Eastern Bohemia.


Commodities of plant origin

, Oilseeds

Commodities of animal origin

, Chicken fattening , Day-old chicks , Fattening of farm animals , Layers , Pigs , Slaughter pigs

Feedstuffs and feed components

, Amino acids , Complete feed mixture , Dried blood , Dry forage crops , Fats, oils & energetic supplements , Monocalcium - dihydrogen phosphate , Oilcakes , Preservatives , Rapeseed groats , Soybean grouts , Sugar mill chops , Supplementary substances


, Expert consulting

Present on markets of:

  • Czech Republic
  • Slovak Republic


AFEED, a.s.

Nádražní 563/60, 693 01 Hustopeče, Czech Republic
Company registration number: 28167813
Data box: jesck54

Email address:
Phone: +420515151112