1. Hradecká zemědělská a.s.

The company 1. Hradecka zemedelska a.s. is focused above all on agricultural production – plant and livestock production as well.

The company is farming on about 2000 hectare of fields. There is planted mainly corn, wheat, barley, triticale and rape. Corn crop is used for silage production, as well as feed for livestock – mainly for dairy cows. 1 Hradecka zemedelska a. s. is farming 540 dairy cows in total. The makes the company one of the most important milk producers in Opava region. Milk produced at 1. Hradecka zemedelska a.s. is available for customers in products under brand OLMA.


Commodities of plant origin

, Grains , Oilseeds

Commodities of animal origin

, Animals , Dairy cattle

Feedstuffs and feed components

, Forage crops & bulky feeds

Present on markets of:

  • Czech Republic


1. Hradecká zemědělská a.s.

Cihelní 298, 747 41 Branka u Opavy, Czech Republic
Company registration number: 63479401
Data box: zfpfg6j

Email address: info@1hradecka.cz
Phone: +420553783111
Webpage: 1hradecka.navos-km.cz