AGRO Vnorovy, a.s.

The company AGRO Vnorovy, a.s., was founded in 1996. It´s oriented mainly on crop and livestock production.

AGRO Vnorovy is farming on 1,126 hectares of farmland. Classic cereals, maize and rapeseed are grown here. This company belongs also to major producers of seeding corn and wheat. One of the important tasks is also ensuring a high quality feed for livestock breeding at AGRO Vnorovy.

Livestock production at AGRO Vnorovy is focused mainly on milk production. There is about 700 pieces of Holstein cattle for milking. This breed is managed in a manner ´from calf to a cow´.


Commodities of plant origin

, Grains , Oilseeds

Commodities of animal origin

, Dairy cattle

Present on markets of:

  • Czech Republic


AGRO Vnorovy, a.s.

Smetkova 744, 69661 Vnorovy, Czech Republic
Company registration number: 64508056
Data box: m3rcnad

Email address:
Phone: +420518328226