Forestry & timbering

25 MN.
seedlings production p. a.
2,4 MN.
pallet production p. a.

Forestry and timebring at the AGROFERT Group

Forestry and timbering companies at the AGROFERT Group provide complete services in taking care of Czech forests and public green areas. Our companies take care of forests from seedlings to mature trees, they also trade timber and process it.

Forestry and timbering at the AGROFERT Group is one of its smaller businesses, but still it has its importance in terms of using our know-how with interconnection with other business activities of the AGROFERT Group.

Our companies are spread as a network of forestry centers and forest tree nurseries throughout the Czech Republic. Forestry centres carry out planting and harvesting forest works and they trade timber as well. Forest tree nurseries produce high quality seedlings of forest trees for reforestation, for rehabilitation of woods or for greenery revitalization projects. These nurseries produce annually c. 25 million seedlings of trees. Our forestry centers and forest tree nurseries are equipped with modern technology.

To our business of wood processing belong also production of veneer and plywood with an annual output of 24 thousand cubic meters, production of wooden pallets and a network of several smaller regional sawmills.

Forestry and timbering complements other business activities of the AGROFERT Group, mainly our agricultural business. We see wood as an ecological and permanently renewable raw material suitable for further processing, especially in the region of origin.