AGROFERT’s confident entry in the German market

2. 11. 2023

SKW Piesteritz, as a major producer of ammonia and urea in Germany, was a strategic opportunity for Agrofert to diversify its raw material sources for Lovochemie, which at that time was fully dependent on supplies of these raw materials from a single domestic supplier.

In 2002, Agrofert entered SKW Piesteritz, and thus began the modern history of this company, associated with extensive restructuring and rehabilitation of the site, production facilities, and the launch of large-scale investments in the environment, research, safety and logistics infrastructure. Over 1.5 billion Euro has been invested in the company’s facilities since 2005. That resulted in the creation of an agrochemical park in Wittenberg, which is one of the most modern ones in Europe.

On the road to success, it is necessary to mention the names of the people who were entrusted to develop Agrofert’s vision and strategy in Germany. These include Miloslav Spěváček, Lovochemie’s Sales Director, who was also present at all important meetings in Germany, Rüdiger Geserick, former long-time CEO of SKW Piesteritz, and Petr Cingr, Vice-Chairman of the Agrofert Board of Directors, responsible for the fertiliser segment, who is currently in charge of Agrofert’s activities in Germany.