AGROFERT is part of a global commitment

4. 4. 2023

The Green Deal is a plan to ensure sustainability in farming within the European Union. Our expert groups develop ways of contributing to this commitment. A working group was created in the group to compile an overview of measures necessary to achieve a 55% reduction of CO2 by 2030 as compared with 1990, and it is also working to ensure that each of our companies is carbon neutral by the year 2050.

After identifying key areas, the group will focus on developing specific projects designed to reduce CO2 as well as other projects in the area of circular economics. Logically, these initiatives will primarily affect the companies of the chemicals division as the largest producers of CO2 in the group. Despite the fact that investments and the modernization of manufacturing technologies in previous years have allowed the group to achieve considerable progress, i.e. a reduction of CO2 emissions from 1990 to 2021 by some 60%, new projects have been identified that should result in further reduction of CO2 by approximately 62% from 1990 even as the manufacturing volumes and capacities in many of the companies continue to grow.Planned reduction of CO2 emissions in selected companies

Planned reduction of CO2 emissions in selected companies

We manage resources efficiently

We reduce the amount of plastic packaging and water consumption in manufacturing. Water is also the basis for chemicals manufacturing; therefore, the companies of the group have built a robust and precise system for treating wastewater. The quality of wastewater released into the environment is based on limits stipulated by state regulatory bodies. These limits are subjected to exacting and constant monitoring. An example of an activity resulting in maximum efficiency and ecological water management is the increased industrial water reserves of the company DEZA, a.s. Our efforts help retain water in the region and also ensure uninterrupted manufacturing operations in times of drought. We have invested more than CZK 53 million in these measures.

It's up to each of us

Sustainable business begins with the individual. That's why in all of our plants we emphasize ecofriendly and efficient management of resources and minimization of waste products, which we work to sort and recycle to the highest possible degree. By doing so, we promote responsible and ecological conduct among our nearly 31,000 employees.