AGROFERT did well last year. We achieved record profits

11. 8. 2023

245 billion Czech crowns. This is exactly the value of the goods, products and services that AGROFERT delivered to its customers in 2022. Compared to the previous year, its sales increased by 33%. The chemical segment was the most successful.


AGROFERT is one of the largest Czech investors in Slovakia and Germany. Chemical plants were also the main driver of AGROFERT’s growth in 2022,” says Zbyněk Průša, Chairman of the Board of AGROFERT.

AGROFERT’s balance sheet total increased year-on-year from CZK 169.5 billion to CZK 187 billion, mainly due to an increase in current assets. Consolidated profit after tax reached CZK 12.97 billion compared to CZK 5.78 billion in 2021. In addition, we managed to reduce the volume of bank and other loans year-on-year.

Last year AGROFERT Group companies had approximately 30,473 employees, of which the Czech companies employed 20,775. With this number, the Group has once again managed to defend its position as the leader among the largest Czech private employers. “We value our employees’ work. Last year, we paid more than CZK 10 billion in wages in the Czech Republic and more than CZK 18 billion worldwide," adds Zbyněk Průša, Chairman of the Board of AGROFERT.

AGROFERT has been investing in the ecology of its operations for a long time, specifically CZK 1.4 billion. Most of it, over CZK 800 million, was put into technologies related to air quality. In 2023, AGROFERT is planning to make a higher volume of investments than last year. This year, investments will focus mainly on energy savings, construction of PV plants and greening of production. “We will continue to invest in the modernisation of chemical, food, agricultural, timber and other plants,” adds Zbyněk Průša, Chairman of the Board of AGROFERT.

AGROFERT will also focus on further development through acquisitions. For example, a transaction with Borealis to buy out its nitrogen processing division has successfully been concluded. Further acquisitions are planned in the agriculture segment.