Controlling company AGROFERT, a.s.

AGROFERT, a.s., is the controlling company of AGROFERT Group, which manages and coordinates more than 250 subsidiaries.

Headquarters activities are focused almost exclusively on corporate governance. Only trade in pesticides and dressings, fertilizers, agricultural commodities and pasturage belongs to headquarters own business activities. AGROFERT also covers centralized activities of the whole AGROFERT Group, especially in the field of accounting operations, IT, human resources, communication and marketing, purchasing of selected items of goods and services, sale of assets, internal audit and security. AGROFERT, a.s., also ensures the M&A issues and offers financial services as well.

How we run our business
Management of the subsidiaries by contolling company AGROFERT, a.s., is based on four pillars of success:
- long-term relationships with business partners
- high-quality work of experienced managers
- our business flexibility
- maximizing of synergies within AGROFERT Group and its companies

Essential business philosophy of AGROFERT Group is to create a strong production chain that connects land maintenance with agriculture and chemical industry, with livestock production and crop production and with food processing as well. Such manufacture-verticals allow us to achieve maximum possible efficiency and development of our know-how in production chain.
Business strategy of the controlling company AGROFERT, a.s., is also based in permanent opportunities search for further business development. We assess all these opportunities properly. Thanks to this business strategy, we are present not only in actual business branches, but we also seek for opportunities in completely new business areas. This might either complement our existing business chain, or it could bring new impulse for business of other companies within the AGROFERT group. Therefore, the controlling company AGROFERT, a.s., continues in focus primarily on acquisitions of companies which fit to the concept of building an integrated agro-food-complex in Central Europe. AGROFERT is active also in building new production capacities. Success of these activities is based mainly on trust of the banks. Thanks to this, newly acquired companies could be restructured and streamlined. That makes them successful and very competitive companies.
Company AGROFERT and all the subsidiaries of AGROFERT group are subject to regular audits. Like the other companies active on Czech market, also AGROFERT is subjected to standard controls by public authorities.


Company Management

CEO Mr Josef Mraz
M&A and Corporate Finance Division Mr Libor Nemecek
Renewable Reasources Division Mr Martin Kubu
Agriculture Division Mr Jindrich Machacek
Trading Division - Import, Export Mr Peter Novansky
Trading Division - Pesticides and Dressings Mr Radek Zita
Trading Division - Agricultural Commodities Mr Martin Bobek
Financial Division Mrs Petra Prochazkova
HR & Administrative Division Mr Daniel Rubes
Internal Audit Division Mr Karel Vabrousek
Legal Division Mr Alexej Bilek
Strategy & Development Division Mr Jan Otcenasek
ICT Division Mr Martin Polacek
Central Purchasing Division Mr Jaroslav Zima
Internal Security Division Mr Jiri Vesely
Communication Division Mr Ondrej Secka
Key Account Manager Mr Jiri Haspeklo


Pyšelská 2327/2, 149 00 Praha 4 - Chodov, Czech Republic
IČ 26185610

Email address:
Phone: +420272192111