Thanks to its "From Field to Fork" strategy, AGROFERT provides Central European countries with quality local food that can be guaranteed to originate from a specific farm or stable. We consider it our social responsibility to contribute to the country's food security. For three decades we have been a fair partner for farmers with services, commodities and equipment they can rely on. At the same time we are one of the most important fertiliser producers in Europe, and we guarantee safety and the lowest possible environmental impacts owing to our use of state-of-the-art technology. Our focus on sustainability not only reflects the renewables and fuels segment on its own. We value our employees and the places and countries where we operate.  Places where we also pay taxes and support local communities. 


The Group is headed by a nine-member Board of Directors. A group of professionals. Each of them is responsible for a specific segment of production or services. Their goal is the growth, development and prosperity of the company. But also respect and responsibility to the people and this country. To ensure that AGROFERT remains a good neighbour wherever it operates. 

Company Board of Directors 

Zbyněk Průša 
Chairman of the Board of Directors 
Segment: Special chemicals 

Petr Cingr 
Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors 
Segment: Fertilisers, fuels, oils, renewables 

Josef Mráz 
Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors: Executive Director of AGROFERT, a.s.
Segment: Agriculture, forestry, machinery and technology  

Petra Procházková 
Member of the Board of Directors, Chief Financial Officer 

Simona Sokolová 
Member of the Board of Directors
Segment: Dairy, frozen pastries, pale meat, red meat 

Jaroslav Kurčík 
Member of the Board of Directors
Segment: Bakeries 

Alexej Bílek 
Member of the Board of Directors

Jiří Haspeklo 
Member of the Board of Directors, Sales Director 

Libor Němeček 
Member of the Board of Directors, Director of Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Finance